Archer : Overview

Published : Aug 22, 2021


Key Value
Class 5

Base stat values

Stat Value
HP 1587
MP 1300
Power 72
Endurance 80
Crit Factor 60
Crit Resist 53
Crit Power 2.00
Physical Crit Power 2.00
Magical Crit Power 2.00
Physical Piercing 0
Magical Piercing 0
Ignoring Physical Resistance 0
Ignoring Magical Resistance 0
Attack Speed 120
Run Speed 110
Walk Speed 50
Impact Factor 50
Balance Factor 30
Run Speed Bonus 60
Attack 5
Defense 2
Resist Weakening 50
Resist Periodic 50
Resist Stun 50
Damage Modifier 1.00







Crack Shot

Increase skill damage

Increase all skill damage by 10% and grants additional 8% damage when attacking monsters.
Increase the chance to crit by 5% when attacking monsters from the side or rear.

Shrieking Arrow

Increase Physical Piercing

Increase Physical Piercing and Overcharge Damage of skills based on your Physical Crit Power.
- Physical Piercing increased by $calcValue(multiple,1005,5000,3).
- Overcharge damage of Radiant Arrow and Penetrating Arrow increased by $calcValue(multiple,1005,1,5).

Safe Distance

Increase skill damage

Increase your Focus and skill damage of all attack skills to monsters by 15% when no enemies are within 5m radius.


Decrease RE cost, RE recovery

Decrease the RE cost of Backstep by 30, and recovers 10 RE after every successful hit of a Focus Generation skill.


Overcharge damage

(12.5% * charge level) + (passive effect / 2)

Shrieking Arrow (majorPatchVersion <= 110)

Physical Piercing :

25 Physical Piercing / 0.01 Physical Crit Power

Overcharge Damage :

0.5% Overcharge Damage / 0.01 Physical Crit Power
Changelog :

- v111.01
  - Shrieking Arrow
    - Decreased Overcharge Damage increase based on Physical Crit Power by half
    - Decreased Physical Piercing increase based on Physical Crit Power by half