2019.06.03 patch notes (v85.01) | TERA KR

Published : Jun 3, 2019


1. Dungeon

  • New : Azart Hatchery (hard)
    • Added a hard mode to existing Azart Hatchery (1-Person)
    • Requires level 65, and can enter as a party (max 5-Person)
      • Can only be accessed by party members of an existing party made before the dimensional portal spawns
    • Entry method is the same as is with existing Azart Hatchery (1-Person), and can receive approximately 1.5 times the experience points
  • Reinforced certain wipe mechanics in Demon’s Wheel

2. Open world

  • Guardian Legion Mission
    • Increased HP of medium monsters in Balder’s Refuge and Shadow of Gutrends
Developer comment

- 잦은 채널 이동 없이 수호자 임무 게이지를 채울 수 있도록 몬스터 HP를 조정하였습니다

3. NPC

  • Added wandering Mystery Merchant and city Mystery Merchant
    • Items from these merchants can be purchased with Mystery Merchant Coins
      • Mystery Merchant Coins can be obtained from the following content :
        • Dungeons ilvl 435 and higher (excluding event dungeons)
        • Ghillieglade
        • Corsairs’ Stronghold
        • Shore Hold
        • Mystery Market Coin Vendor
    • City Mystery Merchant
      • City Mystery Merchant spawns in cities (Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator, Highwatch)
        • Location of NPC can be confirmed via World Map UI (M)
        • Mystery Market Coin Vendor spawn at a certain time during the day, and 5 minutes later players can purchase items from a city Mystery Merchant
        • Message is displayed globally once an Mystery Market Coin Vendor spawns
      • Items sold by city Mystery Merchant and their prices randomly change each time the shop is opened
        • Pocket Tab Expansion Token, Dragon Skillbook, Care and Use of Your Pet, and other various items can be purchased
        • Items sold are limited by either account or server
    • Wandering Mystery Merchant
      • Wandering Mystery Merchants can spawn in all regions
        • All regions have its own spawn conditions
    • Wandering Mystery Merchants spawn for a short period of time, and area messages are sent at spawn and at despawn
    • Merchants differ by region, and items sold by merchants randomly change each time they spawn
      • Pocket Tab Expansion Token, Dragon Skillbook, Care and Use of Your Pet, Superior Halidom, Superior Relic, Azart Hatchery Dimensional Portal Scroll, Premium Items, and other items can be purchased
      • Items sold are limited by either account or server
      • Dimensional Portal spawns upon using Azart Hatchery Dimensional Portal Scroll, and only the player using the scroll is allowed to enter

4. Pocket Tab (new inventory)

  • Added new inventory space with a priority loot feature, called Pocket Tab

  • Pocket Tab can be acquired from completing [Getty’s Invention], acquired automatically upon reaching level 66

5. UI

  • Changed Inventory UI / UX, and added sort, set, search, filter features

  • Upon using search feature, all items including search string is displayed

  • Inventory / Pocket Tab can be sorted, and sort order of items (Gear, Consumables, etc) can be set
    • Added feature to claim all parcel items
      • Upon using this feature, all parcels are automatically deleted

  • Added trade broker icon to character selection screen
  • Added transparency slider to damage splash
    • Can be adjusted through Option > Game settings
  • Added timestamp to chat UI
    • Can be turned on/off through Option > UI settings
  • Added feature to display quests in progress on World Map UI (M) upon using Village Atlas
  • Added inspect option to party UI and LFG
  • Changed Instance Matching UI to save state of previous selections
  • Changed max item purchase to be based on amount of gold held by player

6. Item

  • Changed inventory expansion item name to Inventory Expansion
    • Item can be used by right click

7. Services

  • Added the following 4 items to T-cat merchant
    • Pocket Tab Expansion Token 10
      • Obtain 10 Pocket Tab Expansion Tokens
      • Pocket slots can be expanded by clicking the lock in the UI

  • Pocket Tab Expansion Token 30+5
    • Obtain 35 Pocket Tab Expansion Tokens
  • Pocket Tab
    • Pocket tabs can be expanded by clicking + in the UI

  • Pocket Tab + Pocket Tab Expansion Token 35
    • Obtain 1 Pocket Tab, and 35 Pocket Tab Expansion Tokens

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where cancelling Travel Journal still triggered cooldown
  • Fixed issue where Female High Elves had graphical issues upon using Focus Heal
  • Fixed issue where head and hair of Valkyries looked awkward using Windslash