2021.04.07 patch notes (v105.02) | TERA KR

Published : Apr 7, 2021


1. Dungeon

  • Added new : [Ace Dungeon] Gardan’s Trial
[Ace Dungeon] Gardan’s Trial
Entry limit 2 daily, 3 with VIP
Adventure Coin 400
Level requirement 70
Instance Matching requirement -
  • Loot table includes Kaia’s Soul Token, superior Halidom / Relic, enchanting materials, and Soul Option Change Scroll
  • Added Kaia’s Soul Token to Ace Dungeon - Lumikan’s Trial
  • Added a chance to drop Kaia’s Soul Gear Box to level 66 and above instances
    • Opening said box results in gear appropriate to your class
Dungeons with added dropitem
Gossamer Vault Corrupted Skynest
Ruinous Manor Forbidden Arena [Undying Warlord]
Akalath Quarantine Catalepticon (hard)
Akalath Quarantine [Gauntlet] Killing Ground (hard)
Damned Citadel Bahaar’s Sanctum
Catalepticon Ruinous Manor (hard)
Killing Ground Corrupted Skynest (hard)
Draakon Arena Rampaging RK-9 Kennel

3. Item

  • Kaia’s Soul gear
    • Increased enchantment failure advantage increase to 0.6%
    • Slightly decreased chance to damage upon enchanting +6 / +7 / +8
  • Serghetto’s Shop
    • Changed Magic Ingot purchase limit (Total 150 / Account limit 30)
    • Changed Magic Ingot cost to 6,420 Gold
  • Added 4 new items to Specialty Merchant
    • The following items will be listed in a newly added consumables tab :
Added item Cost Description
Empty Azart Force Loot Chest 10,700 Gold Can combine with 1 Lumikan’s Wing Fragment to obtain 1 Azart Force Loot Chest
Empty Azart Force War Trophy Chest 32,100 Gold Can combine with 1 Lumikan’s Horn Piece to obtain 1 Azart Force War Trophy Chest
Empty Thulsan Forces Loot Chest 10,700 Gold Can combine with 1 Tyrant’s Belt to obtain 1 Thulsan Forces Loot Chest
Empty Thulsan Forces War Trophy Chest 32,100 Gold Can combine with 1 Tyrant’s Soul to obtain 1 Thulsan Forces War Trophy Chest
  • Added second series of Serghetto Box to Development Merchant (4,200 Gold)
    • Item is available for limited time only, and duration of the sale is TBA
    • A total of 8 tiers exists, opening box can result in the tier’s reward item or box of the next tier (chances are all equally 50%)
Item Obtainable items
Serghetto Box 2 I Tier II box 10 Pet Snack [Superior]
Serghetto Box 2 II Tier III box 8 Legacy Essence
Serghetto Box 2 III Tier IV box 16 Legacy Essence
Serghetto Box 2 IV Tier V box 1 Evolution Core
Serghetto Box 2 V Tier VI box 2 Evolution Core
Serghetto Box 2 VI Tier VII box 4 Evolution Core
Serghetto Box 2 VII Tier VIII box 1 Partner Coupon (Legendary)
Serghetto Box 2 VIII 2 Partner Coupon (Legendary)

3. UI and other revision

  • Changed to refresh Adventure Coin information in Character Selection UI more often

4. Services

  • 테라샵에서 아래의 아이템이 판매됩니다.
아이템명 가격(블루) 판매 시작일 판매 종료일
[랜덤] 반갑소! 얼룩소 상자 40 2021-04-07 점검 후 2021-05-06 점검 전
  • T-cat 상점에서 아래의 아이템이 판매됩니다.
아이템명 가격(T-cat) 판매 시작일 판매 종료일
[거래가능]포포리 떡밥 100개 묶음 1,600 2021-04-07 점검 후 별도 안내 시까지
[거래가능]포린이 떡밥 100개 묶음 1,500 2021-04-07 점검 후 별도 안내 시까지

[반갑소! 얼룩소 의상 소개 영상]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in Killing Ground (hard) where aggro reset skill prevents chaining leash mechanic into the next attack
  • Fixed issue where unequipping gear while Storage is open moves Storage item into Inventory
  • Fixed issue in Cursed Dark Reach Citadel where achievements do not progress
  • Fixed issue where texture is not displayed properly around Exodor Farmland
  • Fixed issue where Item Claim displays non-existing boxes when flipping to second page
  • Fixed issue where item in Item Claim persists after obtaining said item
  • Fixed issue in Ruinous Manor where Rakelith moves to the edge of the combat area in no relation to target with aggro
  • Fixed issue Valkyon Coin tooltip does not state obtainable items properly
  • Fixed issue where Heroic Oath gear tooltip states information regarding combining items in Kaia’s Anvil
  • Fixed issue where Partner despawns when leaving instance after spawning Partner inside Dungeon Assault instance or Instance Matching instance
  • Fixed issue where Cards in Card Collection cannot be equipped for new accounts or new classes
  • Fixed issue where uncommon Flower Card Fragments can be fused
  • Fixed issue where lag issues occur with DPS meter
  • Fixed issue where certain video options cannot change